Incorporating the Mini Sport Mini Cup & Mini Sport Junior Mini Cup


If you want to experience some full-on sideways action then welcome to the special stages of the HRCR organised ‘Old Stager’ Championship.

These single or multi day events give you the unique opportunity to challenge yourself on some of the UK’s most famous rally venues ‘flat out’ in your classic rally car. As historic cars are no longer able to run at the front of the field it has been decided that we will run our clubman’s championship on sealed surfaces this year to reduce stresses on the older and more fragile cars – the events will come complete with plenty of high quality stage miles and our own dedicated media coverage too.

But this is not purely a playground for the experts. The sport and the HRCR welcomes novice crews and a lot of support, assistance and camaraderie is shared amongst competitors.

Our aim is to promote a simple, no nonsense, closed-to-club stage rally championship for club members. The format will be a six sealed surface round championship with seven scores available and your best five scores to count. The rounds have been selected for their value for money and variety to provide an exciting and challenging championship for our members.

The championship is run to MSA regulations for historic rally cars, to provide a level playing field for all. To enter the championship you will need to be a member of the HRCR and hold an MSA National B or higher grade competition licence and your car will need to comply with the MSA historic stage rally vehicle categories 1, 2, 3 and 4a or 4b (inc. FIA Appendix K cars) and regulations. New for 2017 will be the Mini Sport Junior Mini Cup,

There will be separate awards for the leading competitors in each category, an overall winner, and a wide range of class awards to aim for. The popular Mini Sport backed Mini Cup returns and is open to models from any of the age categories. Mini Sport offer a wide range of equipment and engineering services at discounted rates for all our competitors not just those in Minis.
The registration fee for the championship, launched at the HRCR Open Day, will be a competitive £45 per crew. Simply go to the section below to register.

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