A collection of specially selected non-competitive events for enthusiasts – each one having its own unique character – where like minded owners can get together, drive quiet country lanes, enjoy the scenery and visit interesting locations.

The HRCR, promotes a Scenic Tour Series of specially selected and recommended events throughout England and Wales. They are guaranteed to be great value and good fun.

The events use routes through outstanding scenery stopping off at interesting places along the way, making them great whether you’re behind the wheel or not. Many also raise money for local charities, so you can help a worthy cause whilst having fun.

Navigation is simple – usually a road book of simple diagrams (Tulips) which eliminate the need to read a map – some events include code boards or passage checks to verify you are on the right route.

You don’t require a competition licence but your car does need to be safe and road legal. All classics are welcome, some organisers may accept ‘modern’ classics.

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Tony Barron


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