Licenced to Thrill

In order to take part on any event, you, your co-driver and your car will need to have all the relevant valid documents, memberships and licences in place.

Details of the required paperwork will be in the event regulations – which you should always check – but for most events you will need to produce the following documents at scruntineering or signing on in respect of your car and its crew.


Generally there is no paperwork to be produced at the event, but obviously the vehicle needs to be road legal and have a MOT (where required), third party insurance and a valid road fund licence.


As a competitive form of motorsport taking place on public roads you car will need:

  • The vehicle registration ‘logbook’ (V5)
  • A valid MOT certificate for cars less than 40 years old
  • Proof of valid road fund licence
  • Proof of any non standard modifications that these are period upgrades
  • For category 3 and category 4 cars a copy of the relevant FIA group homologation papers or proof that it is a standard production vehicle from the relevant period.

You will need to sign a declaration at signing on to state that you have third party insurance for the vehicle to do the event (an upgrade available from most classic car insurance companies as part of your annual premiuim). An alternative is to take out, at a modest cost, the third party insurance cover offered by the event organisers.

Category 2 and later cars may need waivers to allow them to compete from the Motorsport UK under section R18.2 of the blue book. These are applied for by the event organiser but you will need to make sure they know you need one in advance.

In addition both members of the crew will need:

  • Club membership card for the organising club or an invited club (the HRCR is invited to most historic events – click below to join)
  • MSA RS Interclub, or higher, Competition Licence. Some events do not require a Motorsport UK licence but these are generally those that have a restricted entry usually referred to as a ‘closed to club’ event. You can apply for an Motorsport UK licence at Motorsport Uk

In addition you should always have the following items available for inspection: A first aid kit, a warning triangle, a fire extinguisher, two high visibility jackets or tabards and a spill kit. If abroad, you will also need to comply with the respective laws of the country you are travelling in (e.g. carrying a breathalyser in France).


Many vehicles used in hill climbing and sprinting are built specifically for the track and are not road-going cars. As the HRCR Speed Series is designed for road-going rally cars, then these should be legally registered for use on public roads.

Therefore you will need:

  • The vehicle registration ‘logbook’ (V5)
  • A valid MOT certificate for post 1 January 1960 cars
  • Proof of valid road fund licence
  • Proof of valid road insurance

Plus as the events are for period rally vehicles:

  • Proof of any non standard modifications that these are period upgrades

For Group B rally cars:

  • A valid competition car log book

In addition the driver(s) will need:

  • Club membership card for the event organising club or the HRCR (click below to join)
    MSA Non race National B, or higher, Competition Licence. You can apply for an MSA licence
    at Motorsport UK


Historic cars will require:

  • An Historic Vehicle Identity Form or HTP

This can be obtained from the Motorsport UK unless running in FIA appendix K in which case a HTP will be required. More detail can be found in section R of the Motorsport UK year book and technical advice is available at

If travel between stages involves the use of public roads you car will need to be fully road legal and will therefore need:

  • A vehicle registration ‘logbook’ (V5)
  • A valid MOT certificate for post 1 January 1960 cars
  • Proof of valid road fund licence
  • Third party vehicle insurance

The driver must have:

  • A full RTA driving licence
  • A club membership card
  • At least a Stage Rally National B licence

For events that use the public highway the driver will also have to show valid RTA insurance, though this can usually be purchased through the event organisers.

New competitors will have to apply to the MSA for a Go Rally Pack and complete an approved course at a school registered with the British Association of Rally Schools (BARS). There are a few exemptions if you can show that you held a Restricted or National Rally License or a National B or higher license prior to 31st December 2001.

The Co-Driver or Navigator must have:

  • A club membership card
  • Any National B licence