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White Rose victory for Paul Crosby and Ryan Pickering, Porsche 911

A stop astride test penalty was a major factor in deciding the podium places for Round 7 of the HRCR Hagerty Insurance Clubmans Road Rally Championship, The Fuchs Lubricants White Rose Classic, held on Sunday 2nd July in a glorious sunny North Yorkshire with Paul Crosby and Ryan Pickering declared the overall winners but with just 12 seconds covering the top three.

The final format for the event was ten special tests and 24 IRTCs as the enthusiastic organising team from Malton Motor Club were bowled a googly on Friday afternoon when one of their tests venues was sold and locked. They hastily retrieved the situation by running two of the earlier tests twice which worked fine for the earlier competitors, but left some of the later crews with little time to enjoy the hospitality at lunch. Nevertheless, the event was a significant improvement on the previous year and many competitors were complimentary. “The plotting was good especially the plot and bash section which was set at a perfect level”.

One of the first to retire were our winners from the East Anglian Classic, Dave Leadbetter and Cath Woodman, when they ran out 0f tyres on their BWW after 6 tests and the second Regularity, where Paul Bloxidge and John Youd, another top runner from the EAC, also retired with a broken clutch cable.

John Abel and Martyn Taylor were second and Best Master while third were John Ruddock and Roger Burkill who suffered a line penalty on one of the tests

The best performance on the tests was John Haygarth and Bob Hargreaves in their Opel Kadett Rallye followed by John Ruddock and Roger Burkill, Escort Mexico, while best on the Regularities were Paul Crosby and Ryan Pickering followed by Howard Warren and Andy Pullan.

Another great performance by Geoff Dean and Suzanne Barker saw them with 8th overall, Best Expert, and winners of the Amazon Cars Challenge Cup.

Les Andrew and Nick Middleton, who are the current leaders of the Amazon Cars Challenge Cup, finished 14th overall and Best Novice, so will next year move up to the Expert Class in the championship.

The Hagerty Spirit of the Rally award went to the last place finishers Paul and Roma Handley, MGB Roadster, who managed to get to lunch just in time to book out for the afternoon session and were on the verge of packing up, but decided to continue.

So the current situation with the championship standings is that James Griffiths and James Howell in their 1275GT Mini are still the championship leaders having another consistent top six placing with John Abel second and Keith Davis third for the drivers, and Richard Dix second and Henry Carr third for the Navigators.

Top ten finishers on the White Rose were,

1, Paul Crosby & Ryan Pickering, M2, Porsche 911, 17:04s

2, John Abel & Martyn Taylor, M2, Ford Escort RS2000, 17:12s

3, John Ruddock & Roger Burkill, M2, Ford Escort Mexico, 17:16s

4, Howard Warren & Andy Pullan, M1, Porsche 911, 17:30s

5, Darell Staniforth & Nicky Staniforth, M1, Morris Mini Cooper S, 17:39s

6, James Griffith & James Howell, M2, Austin Mini 1275GT, 18:01s

7, Keith Davis & Henry Carr, M3, MG B GT, 18:42s

8, Geoff Dean & Suzanne Barker, E4, Nissan Cherry, 18:43s

9, Andrew Johnson & Dave Boyes, E2, Lancia Fulvia, 19:02s

10, Pete Dalton & Paul Bosdet, M2, Lotus Cortina Mk11, 19:39s

Below is a selection of photographs by Lauren Leach of LL-photography.

Full results may be found at

After seven rounds of the HRCR Hagerty Insurance Clubmans Road Rally Championship the overall and class positions are below.

Driver                               Car                  pts                                       Navigator                    pts

James Griffiths                Mini 1275GT      343        Overall               James Howell                   343

Seren Whyte                     Standard 10       203        Expert                Roger Bricknell                 247

Les Andrew                       B GT                     226        Novice               Nick Middleton                226

Les Andrew                   B GT                   226       Amazon Cars Challenge Cup

Driver                               Car                    pts                 Class         Navigator                     pts

Jim Deacon        Alfa Romeo Giulia           258                       M1         David Taylor                     258

John Abel                          RS 2000              302                       M2         Richard Dix                      325

Keith Davis                       MGB GT              277                       M3         Henry Carr                        297

Simon Mellings                Astra+MR2        193                       M4         Ryan Pickering                146

John Griffiths                   Amazon               168                       E1           Elise Whyte                     203

Paul Davis                         RS 2000              201                       E2          Charles Hughes              195

Rich Harrison                  MGB GT              161                        E3          Peter Boyce                       161

Richard Isherwood         Stanza                 135                        E4          Ian Canavan                     135

Peter Williams                 Amazon               144                       N1          Martin Pitt                        168

David Smith                     BMW 2002        123                        N2         John Barber                        76

Andy Simpson                  Mini 1275GT      197                       N3         Ros Simpson                     197

Geoff Dean                        Sunny                  81                         N4          – – – –

Round 8, of the 2017 HRCR Hagerty Insurance Clubmans Road Rally Championship the always popular and demanding Ross Traders Historic Rally takes place on Saturday 22nd July.

See you there, Cheers Ian.