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Two on the trot for Paul Crosby on the Devon Classic

A small but select band of 21 crews assembled at the start of the Devon Classic Rally, the 12th round of the 2017 HRCR Hagerty Insurance Clubmans Road Rally Championship. There were twelve different marques of car from the 1957 Standard 10 of Seren and Elise Whyte to the 1985 Nissan Cherry of Simon Mellings and Nick Cooper including three different Volvos and three different MGs but only one Ford Escort a very eclectic group indeed.

The event started at lunch time and finished by 10.00pm. With the afternoon of daylight Regularities being straight-forward and the twilight section being the definite sting in the tail. The speeds were not too high but the lanes are very tricky in Devon and the weather did not help with rain and fog on the hills so quite a few crews missed controls. Keith Davis and Henry Carr were surprised to find Ian Crammond and Matthew Vokes “coming up on the rails” at Exeter racecourse on one of the twilight Regularities with both crews not sure which side was correct such was the weather and difficulty in the dark!

Paul Crosby and Ryan Pickering were the eventual victors from Matt Warren and Andy Pullan, while Howard Warren and Iain Tullie were 5th overall. This means that Ryan has a one point lead over Iain, in the championship, and not the twenty-five I reported in error, and which may appear in this week’s MotorSport News, sorry Iain.

Now Howard Warren has a one point lead over John Abel for the drivers championship, although it’s by no means decided who will be the 2017 champion. It’s going down to the wire on the Devils Own.

Howard Warren and Iain Tullie were awarded the Hagerty Spirit of the Rally but very generously decided to donate it to one of the very deserving marshal crews for staying out in the wet and foggy weather.

The Amazon Cars Challenge Cup went to Andy Simpson in his 1275GT Mini.

The top ten were

1, Paul Crosby and Ryan Pickering, M1, Porsche 911, 735s

2, Matt Warren and Andy Pullan, M2, Ford Escort, 832s

3, Thomas Bricknell and Roger Bricknell, E4, VW Golf GTi, 911s

4, Ian Crammond and Matthew Vokes, M2, M-B 280SL, 1004s

5, Howard Warren and Iain Tullie, M1, Porsche 911, 1138s

6, Brian Cookson and Mark Dunkerley, E2, MG Midget, 1383s

7, Keith Davis and Henry Carr, M3, MGB GT, 1390s

8, Seren Whyte and Elsie Whyte, E1, Standard 10, 1495s

9, Harvey Steele and Martin Pitt, E2, Volvo 144, 1527s

10, Geoff Twigg and Peter Blackett, M1, Mini Cooper S, 1540s

Photographs of the top five with thanks to Tony Large

See you on the Devils Own in a few days.

My corrected version 2 of the championship points are in the Clubmans section of the website.