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Tour of Flanders Legs 2 & 3

The second day dawned bright and early with a loop of 5 stages to be run three times and at least it would mostly be dry with a few heavy showers before once again the heavens opened for the night time stages.

The longest stage of the rally Passendale at 20 kilometres would be the first stage running on the farm roads that criss-crossed the battlefields of the Great War and would run near to some of the great cemeteries and memorials that marked the fallen of the first world war.

Unfortunately, one crew would be going no further with the retirement of Peter Lythell and Gill Cotton after a problem with the engine was found and it was considered to damaging to continue.

Rikki Proffitt extended his lead on the first loop by a minute stretching the overall margin to 3 mins 30 secs over the hard charging Clive King and Anton Bird, they had now got some daylight between them and the third placed crew of Paul Kendrick and Luke Green who were just glad to be here after spending sleepless nights getting the car ready in the first place after their off on the Nicky Grist stages. They also managed to fix a blown clutch pipe after that started leaking on the way to scrutineering.

Stage 11, the second running of Passendale would for some reason be the downfall of a number of crews, we lost Mike Barrett and Fiona Scarrett in the Ford Cortina. One of the crews from Japan would return to service after picking up a misfire and deciding not to continue. Andrew O’Hanlon also picked up a misfire and which ultimately would not see the car leave the next service. Craig King’s brake problems would start and he would do the next two stages with no breaks.

Eric Davis and Russell Joseph would also retire after clutch and various other problems started.

For those left as they headed to service tiredness was a factor for many of them but with another loop to go it was a time to bolt on the lights get some food and drink and head off into the darkness.

Peter Ellerby and Paul Price had some dramas in the first leg of the rally taking some road penalties after a fuelling issue. The lost the exhaust on the second to last stage and have spectators to thank for keeping them in the rally. The ended up in a field but could not find a way out as there was no bridge to link to the road. Quick thinking spectators helped lift the car back onto the road and allowed the rather noisy car to finish the event.

When the final results were published Paul Kendrick and Luke Green had overtaken Clive King and Anton Bird in the Mini to second place in the West Wales Rally Spares HRCR Stage Masters Challenge. And despite amassing more than 4 mins in road penalties Steve Powell had managed to leapfrog Peter Ellerby after his last minute off-road excursion and Craig King with his brake issues.

Leg 2 and 3 – Round 6 Tour of Flanders results.

38th Proffitt – Wild Porsche 911  2 hours 23 mins 05 secs

43rd Kendrick – Green Ford Escort Mk 1   2 hours  28 mins  00 secs

45th King – Bird Mini   2 hours 29 mins 02 secs 

49th Gamble – Ward Mini  2 hours 34 mins 57 secs

54th Powell – Hakins Hillman Avenger 2  hours 46 mins 41 secs

55th Ellerby – Price Mini 2 hours 47 mins 37 secs 

57th King – Lloyd Mini 2 hours 51 mins 35 secs


O’Hanlon – Hogan Mini RTD

Davis – Jospeh Mini RTD

Barrett – Scarrett Ford Cortina RTD

Hancock – Watson TR7 V8. RTD

Lythell – Cotton Porsche 911 RTD