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Thomas and Roger Bricknell shine on The Hughes Rally.

The third round of the HRCR Hagerty Insurance Clubmans Road Rally Championship was won by Thomas and Roger Bricknell in their VW Golf GTi, and it is very re-assuring to know that age and experience in the navigators seat can still occasionally beat youth and skill.

Roger has followed his win on the 2010 Regis Rally driving his TR4 with Ryan Pickering, by winning this weekend’s Hughes Rally navigating for his son Thomas. There are probably only a very few competitors who can claim wins in both seats, although I think the next coincidence may be that Ryan has won historic rallies in both seats too?

Ian Crammond/Matthew Vokes were second just 19 seconds behind and won the HRCR Amazon Cars Challenge Cup. Nick Bloxham and Richard Crozier were hot on their heels for most of the day, but it looks like some over enthusiasm on the final Regularity in Mereworth Woods dropped them down to third with some hefty early penalties.

Thomas and Roger were best on the Regularities beating Ian and Matthew by just 2 seconds while they tied with Nick and Richard at the top of the Tests just 13 seconds ahead of Ian and Matthew, so you can tell it was a closely fought rally. Full results may be found by visiting

We have a fabulous new competitor to the HRCR Hagerty Insurance Clubmans Road Rally Championship. Stuart and Emily Anderson in their Bentley Derby 4 ¼ which unfortunately decided to break a half-shaft on one of the Regularities so Stuart has plenty to keep him occupied before the East Anglian Classic. Organisers please take note of the significant turning circle this beast requires when setting future test layouts!

The winners of the HRCR Hagerty Insurance Trophy on the club rally were Alan Brindley and Tim Norton in an MGB GT

Full marks to Blackpalfrey Motor Club, I think they have the best control boards of any of the championship events, but judging by the navigator huddles before the start there was plenty to discuss about the intended route!

Thank you to Andy Manston of MandHPhotography for the feature photograph and those below.

The top ten were

1, Thomas Bricknell and Roger Bricknell, M4, VW Golf GTi, 676

2, Ian Crammond and Matthew Vokes, M1, Mercedes Benz 280SL, 695

3, Nick Bloxham and Richard Crozier, M2, Ford Escort Mexico, 756

4, Dave Leadbetter and Cath Woodman, M2, BMW 2002, 865

5, Simon Harris and Dan Middle, M4, VW Golf GTi, 892

6, Paul Davis and Les McGuffog, M2, Ford Escort RS2000, 928

7, Darren Everitt and Susan Dixon, M1, Triumph 2000, 937

8, Seren Whyte and Elise Whyte, E1, Standard 10, 939

9, Simon Mellings and Henry Carr, M4, Nissan Stanza, 946

10, Andrew Johnson and Dave Boyes, E2, Lancia Fulvia, 946


The top ten championship positions after The Hughes are

Drivers, Class, Points                                   Navigators, Class, Points

1, Dave Leadbetter, M2, 136                       Henry Carr, M2+4, 140

2, Andrew Johnson, E2, 128                      Cath Woodman, M2, 136

3, Clive Martin, N2, 127                              Susan Dixon, E1, 130

4, Darren Everitt, E1, 110                           Dave Boyes, E2, 128

5, Darell Staniforth, M1, 108                      Anji Martin, N2, 127

6, John Abel, M1, 107                                  Les McGuffog, M2, 119

7, Paul Crosby, M2, 107                               Nicky Staniforth, M1, 108

8, Ian Crammond, M1, 105                         Andy Pullan, M2, 107

9, John Haygarth, M2, 107                         Matthew Vokes, M1, 105

10, Jon Dunning, M2, 94                            Iain Tullie, M2, 96



The present HRCR Amazon Cars Challenge Cup leader is Dave Leadbetter in his BMW 2002

Next event is the East Anglian Classic, based in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk on June 16th.

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