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The 27th Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally and Run, a classic in the making.

As one of the longest established events in the historic calendar, this weekend’s Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally and Run is looking to be a real classic for several reasons.

On a poignant note; the event this year is being run to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis after the Ilkley Team lost one of its’ cornerstone members in Alastair Tullie to the condition. Crews will be asked to display stickers in support of The Multiple Sclerosis Society with a £5 donation from the club going to the society for each entry.

The Jubilee sees a return for one of motorsport’s most recognisable figures as Ron Beecroft will be taking part with Kevin Savage in the navigator’s seat, those of a certain age or who have looked back through the mists of time will realise that this is somewhat of a dream pairing. Speaking with Kevin earlier today we asked what had brought Ron back out into rallying, Kevin said, “Ron’s been looking to get out for quite a while and has been auto-testing to keep himself sharp, I dare say that the regularities may see us with a few more earlies than lates though…” You can’t help but feel that Deerstalker hats will be the order of the day as Beecroft has taken ownership of a MkII Escort, bringing memories of ‘Virginia’ and the Motoring News rounds of the 1980s flooding back. It will be interesting to compare the times on the tests with the other chargers like Paul Crosby/Andy Pullan and recent North Yorks Classic winners Darell and Nicky Staniforth amongst others.

The route will encompass six regularities and ten tests throughout the day and will use lanes that will be familiar to competitors of The Colman Tyres rallies of the past, these are classic Yorkshire lanes with crests and blind summits that are held from view of the crews by the distinctive stone walls that crisscross the area. There are open and flowing sections to be explored also with plenty of features to keep the crews on their toes – few organising teams have the depth of experience that Ilkley and District Motor Club have and we are sure that they will be using their knowledge of the area to maximum effect.

The winner could come from anywhere with the depth of quality present and the seeding of the top-ten must have proven quite a headache for the Ilkley Team. Car one is Crosby/Pullan in their well-known Porsche 911, they will find last year’s second place crew, Ian Crammond/Matthew Vokes breathing hard down their necks. John Abel/Mark Appleton start in third and are a crew that can blow this round of the 2018 HRCR Hagerty Insurance Clubmans Road Rally Championship wide apart, they have produced some memorable performances of late with the win on Three Legs of Mann most prominent. Looking further down the list and names like Neal/Dix, Leadbetter/Woodman, Powley/Goff and Tyson/Harrison are all winners of other events in the past, while there are two top ten crews contesting the HRCR Amazon Cars Challenge Cup.

The Run section provides an excellent way for newcomer’s/novices to progress in the sport and follows the majority of the Rally route, crews use the same tests and there are some regularity sections to attempt in an easy to use tulip-style road-book and the highest placed HRCR crew will receive the newly introduced HRCR Hagerty Insurance Trophy

Ilkley inform us of some last-minute withdrawals from the Jubilee meaning they do have some places available on a limited basis. You can contact the team to register your interest at

I’d like to thank Tony North for once again providing the accompanying photographs from last year’s event, and the one of Ron Beecroft.

The top ten seeds are

1, Paul Crosby & Andy Pullan, M2, Porsche 911

2, Ian Crammond & Matthew Vokes, M1, Mercedes Benz 280SL

3, John Abel & Mark Appleton, M1, Sunbeam Tiger

4, Darell Staniforth & Nicky Staniforth, M1, Morris Mini Cooper S

5, Ron Beecroft & Kevin Savage, M3, Ford Escort RS2000

6, Martin Neal & Richard Dix, M1, Austin Healey Sprite

7, Dave Leadbetter & Cath Woodman, M2, BMW 2002

8, John Ruddock & Roger Burkill, M2, Ford Escort Mexico

9, Simon Harris & Dan Middle, M4, VW Golf GTi

10, Richard Isherwood & John Youd, M4, Nissan Stanza Jubilee

See you in sunny Yorkshire