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Stage Masters: Manx Preview

Manx Rally Preview

A breathless few weeks for the West Wales Rally Spares HRCR Stage Masters Challenge as a number of crews head to the Manx Rally after the rigours of the Dixies Challenge. Toby Adam and Ian Meakin are likely to be top Challenge crew but are currently seeded in a rather lowly position, they will hopefully be moved up the order. New to the Challenge and both with a wealth of experience behind them are Geoff Roberts and Ian Jones who bring their class D5 Escort Mk2 and are likely to be very competitive. Hopefully Baz Wheeler and John Pickavance have managed to sort out one of their cars after retirement on Epynt, as long as they are there they will produce an immaculate car. Ben and Steven Smith take to the asphalt for the first time and have put in some giant killing performances so far, they now suffer from reduced points going forward as they are the only contenders in their class but will undoubtedly provide entertainment.

The saga of the Minis on the Dixies Challenge Rally was not good news and hopefully the repairs were simple and effective, Andrew O’Hanlon and Kevin Hogan needed to re-attach the bottom pulley and replace the radiator and fan whilst Eric Davis and Russell Joseph needed to detect a possible broken cable going to the fuel pump but will more than likely swap cars and bring the familiar Orange Clubman. Peter Horsburgh joins us for the Manx and with his experience will be hoping to mix it up with the other lads.

Although not currently registered for the Challenge it is good to see Japanese crew and HRCR members Shinobu Kitani and Hiroko Kitani out in a historic Mini. We wish them and all Challenge crew the very best of luck on what should be a great weekend of motorsport on the Isle of Man.