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Round 3 Ilkley Jubilee Classic

132 drivers and navigators awoke to find a couple of degrees of frost greet them prior to the start of the 2019 Ilkley Jubilee Classic. A cold start but a warm welcome was provided by the Ilkley and District Motor Club team headed by Clerk of the Course Henry Carr as the first of 66 cars got under way at the Millstones venue at 0820. No rain for at least a week meant dry conditions so that dust was more of an issue as opposed to fog that hampered some of the competitors last year.

First stop was a regularity issued at MTC 1 to get the brain into gear and then onto the old favourite of Coldstones Quarry that provided quite loose conditions with some cars struggling for grip. Reg 2 was a doctored London map with numerous speed changes but quite a few cars missed a gradient arrow and as such missed the IRTC located on a rather bumpy white track. A very rapid coffee stop preceded Reg 3 issued at coffee out which was timed to the minute with a 15 second penalty for every 60 second indiscretion, then it was onto the first visit to the Catterick ranges.

Three tests on the mixed surfaces provided some excellent opportunities for handling the cars at their limits. Once again it was the team of Haygarth and Hargreaves that provided the fastest times in the Opel Kadett Rallye on all 3 tests. Reg 4 was a straightforward plot of spot heights but on the Catterick range maps that were 1:10000 but then enlarged to give a different perspective. Then it was onto lunch at Leyburn Auction Market.

Leading at the lunchtime halt aided by being fastest on 5 out of the 6 morning tests was car 6 the Opel Kadett Rallye. Running in 2nd position just 4 seconds behind the leader was Howard Warren and Ryan Pickering in a Porsche 911 followed 21 seconds later by Paul Crosby and Ali Procter also in a 911.

Photo By Tony North

After lunch it was back out onto the dusty tracks of Catterick for 2 regularities that were again plotted on different scale maps and then enlarged to give the navigators some brain ache. Coupled with passage checks and IRTC’s it was certainly a challenge to find the right track and keep to time with even the leaders struggling at times. It was then back to the Catterick special tests from the morning session to see if we had learnt any lessons.

Then more pressure on the navs with Regs 7,8 and 9 one after the other. 7 was a pre-plot using coloured road junctions, 8 was grid lines with a twist and then 9 was a series of tulips issued at the start of the Reg. Paul Crosby and Ali proctor were flexing their muscles with some excellent scores especially on 7 and 9.
Finally it was all over, well Regularity wise a least. A trip to Hildebrand Barracks for two tests around the car parks and then Ilkley wouldn’t be the same without the last special test of the day with the high speed run down the edge of Scargill Reservoir. Once again car 6 lead the way and overall they won 9 out of the 11 special tests.

Back to Millstones then for the results and could the lunchtime leaders hang on?  Sadly it was not to be.  Reg 5 proved to be John Haygarth and Rob Hargreaves undoing and despite a valiant effort on the tests they were unable to recover the lost time. Winners then overall were car 1 Paul Crosby and Ali Procter in the Porsche 911 with Howard Warren and Ryan Pickering chasing hard just 24 seconds behind and sneaking into 3rd place were the North Yorks classic winners Darell and Nicky Staniforth in the Morris Mini Cooper S. First Experts home were John and Alistair Woolstenhulme in 12th in another Porsche 911 and First Novices were the author and his wife Sarah in 14th position in the MGB.


1 Paul Crosby and Ali Procter                                                                 Porsche 911                              6.42
2 Howard Warren and Ryan Pickering                                                Porsche 911 Coupe                  7.06
9 Darell and Nicky Staniforth                                                                Morris Mini                              7.17
4 Martyn Taylor and Amy Henchoz                                                     Vauxhall Astra                          7.18
5 Richard Isherwood and Ian Canavan                                                VW Golf GTi                             7.48
6 Neil Wilson and Matthew Vokes                                                        Porsche 924                              7.50
7 John Haygarth and Rob Hargreaves                                                 Opel Kadett Rallye                   8.06
8 Jon Dunning and David Taylor                                                          Alfa Romeo 2000                      8.30
9 Thomas and Roger Bricknell                                                               VW Golf GTi                              8.50
10 John Ruddock and Roger Burkill                                                     Ford Escort Mexico                  9.14

A full list of results can be found on and the Ilkley Jubilee website.

Ken Binstead