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Old Stager Round 4 – Garth Tyres Auto Services Midsummer Caerwent Stages

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  Mixed results for HRCR crews   


16 HRCR registered crews started the Garth Tyre Auto Service Midsummer Caerwent Rally 12th June 2016. Heavy rain greeted the competitors on the Saturday before and the weather carried through to Sunday eventually drying up just after lunch to let the Asphalt start drying out. This made the first couple of stages greasy and made or broke results for some competitors.

The event did not start too well for Mini owner Shane Gamble who’s clutch decided to stop working the afternoon before the event. With help from the fellow HRCR mini owners they set about fixing it and Shane managed to get to the start of the event on the Sunday.

Cat 1.

Without Stephen Hall and Aggie Foster it gave the other Cat One cars a chance to catch up on points. Paul Price was the one to catch on the day leading the category from stage four but lose wheel nuts would cause him to retired after the fifth stage. This would mean the crew of Arian Kermode and Maurice Beckett would take the tops point and win Category one after pushing Paul all day and ending up 25th overall. Andrew O’Hanlon and Ryan Taylor survived an early scare with a curb only to retire after stage four due to the starter motor giving up. Shane Gamble and Bob Ward were lucky to walk away after an impact with a building on stage three. The impact causing serious damage to the passenger side roof and roll cage meaning they could longer compete in the event. Peter Ellerby pushed on all day experiencing brake fade like the rest of the HRCR competitors having to bleed them throughout the day. Peter finished 28th overall, thirty-nine seconds behind Adrian.

Cat 2.

Jon Ford / Peter Thomas took victory on Category two. Finishing 20th overall and first in their class. The had a relative trouble free day with the Escort performing well out on the stages. Eric Davis / Russ Joseph in their Mini clubman had a good run all day. They went on to finish 26th overall and 4th in class, only 18 seconds behind Adrian Kermode’s Mini. Jim Brindle / Sam Bould were first Mini home taking 23rd overall, 2nd in class.  Clive King / Anton Bird were going well in the wet until a broken drive shaft caused the pair to loose over 2 mins in stage three meaning the category fight was over for them for this round. Stuart Hart / Josh Jones finished the event 38th overall just over a minute in front of the Fulvia pairing of the Harrisons who finished 39th. Stuart putting faster and faster stage times on each stage. Doug and Mike Harrison had invested in some better brake pads for the event and they said they were glad of them during the stages make the car stop better.

Cat 3.

Regular Stuart Anderson had a temporary co-driver of Daniel Nieroda sit in with him on this event due to Jack his son sitting his A levels. It would take the first stage for Stuart to get use to his way of working and was lucky to survive a close call with a curb on stage two just marking the wheel as it caught it. The curb bit back on stage four causing one puncture, only to suffer another one later on in the stage meaning the crew lost over 3 minutes. They still took the category win and 32nd overall, however, as Lee and Sean Sellars could not keep up with the pace of the Chevette in the Triumph 2.5PI. Lee saying that he had an excellent day, Caerwent being his favourite event so far finishing 36th overall. Dick Mauger / Steve Mcnulty retired after stage one with engine issues.

Open Mini Class.

Paul and daughter Jemma took class honors on this round. Finishing 37th overall. Nigel Hart / Lyndon Mougton suffer an electrical issue on the first stage and then failed to finish the trophy rally.


Next round is the Carfax Stages at Throckmorton Airfield on August 6th



Jon Ford                    –           Escort                         20th Overall

Jim Brindle                –           Mini                            23rd Overall

Adrian Kermode      –           Mini                            25th Overall

Eric Davis                  –           Mini                            26th Overall

Peter Ellerby             –           Mini                            28th Overall

Clive King                 –           Mini                            30th Overall

Stuart Anderson       –           Chevette                    32nd Overall

Lee Sellars               –           Triumph PI                36th Overall

Paul Taylor               –           Mini                            37th Overall

Stuart Hart                 –           Mini                            38th Overall

Doug Harrison         –           Fuliva                         39th Overall





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