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Killarney Historic Stages Rally 2018

The event had the good fortune of staying dry given the rain on previous days.

The conditions were slippery especially on the first stage, Molls gap with it’s rock lined path to the famous pinnacle.

Guy Weavers good result was in doubt when the car had a fuel pump malfunction on stage 6.

Thankfully Switching over to its secondary pump cured the problem  with no time loss.

They finished a well deserved 12th o/a against far more powerful machinery, not forgetting local knowledge.

Bob Gibbons and Mike Simpson had a close battle all event.

Bob took the honours finishing 24th by a 2.4 second margin with Mike Simpson finishing 25th.

Mike had taken 21 seconds from Bob on the penultimate stage 7. All to play for the final stage.!

Mike was very impressed with his Hankook tyres.

The intermediates working very well in the changing conditions.

Mike received the voucher for two free Hankook tyres kindly donated by Mr Tyre Motorsport for his efforts.

Both Escorts ran faultlessly all day.

This was their first visit to Killarney, Bob saying that some stages were just like road rallying, tight and twisty with no room for error.

Bob received the 5Ltrs oF Penrite engine oil kindly donated by Classic motor oils.

Bob Gibbons is to be the competitor representative for the 2019 Stage Masters Challenge.


12 14 Duncan Williams/Guy Weaver Ford Escort D3 1 1:16:35.0 5:56.7 2:00.0
23 22 Colin McDowell/Wendy Blackledge Austin Mini B2 1 1:19:18.7 8:40.4 0:03.1
24 29 Bob Gibbons/Jon Harris Ford Escort RS2000 D5 8 1:19:28.3 8:50.0 0:09.6
25 37 Mike Simpson/Dale Gibbons Ford Escort Mk1 C3 3 1:19:30.7