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Jaspers Bakery AGBO Stages: HRCR Competitors involved in incident.

The HRCR would like to send their best wishes for a speedy recovery to John Faulkner and Peter Foy who were involved in an incident on the recent Jaspers Bakery AGBO Stages run by Owen Motor Club.

The duo were competing on the opening round of the Old Stager championship when they left the road on stage three and collided with a tree.

The rally was stopped as emergency units worked to extricate one of the crew members.

John was taken to Telford Hospital by land ambulance where he had treatment on a broken ankle, Peter was airlifted to South Staffs hospital with a broken leg and ankle.

Old Stager co-ordinator John Hunt said: “It is a testament, to the strength of the car and the onboard safety equipment that they were not more seriously injured.”

“We would like to thank on behalf of the HRCR and the crew, the competitors who were first at the scene, rescue units and county emergency services for their help.”