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Ilkley Jubilee Historic

Ilkley Historic Rally

12 September 2021

Ilkley and District Motor club 69 Starters

The sun shone as Steve Head and Mark Appleton crossed the finish line to win the Ilkley Rally in their Ford Escort. This was not without drama as on the last regularity they were held up by traffic for 40 seconds watching their lead dwindle to 4 seconds, the winning margin!

The event started from the Millstones Restaurant just outside Harrogate with the first regularity underway immediately. Matt Warren/Ryan Pickering were the leaders on 6 seconds with Head/Appleton close behind on 9 secs.

The first two tests were held in Coldstones Quarry near Pateley Bridge. The first test a quick run down the approach road and the second test a complicated affair in the middle of the dusty quarry. Paul Crosby/Ali Proctor and Darell and Nicky Stanforth tied on 18 secs coming out of these two.

Reg 2 south of Kirkby woke up all the navigators with 11 speed changes in 9 miles. Crosby/Proctor were wide awake on 4secs dropped with Head/ Appleton close behind on 9 secs. At the morning coffee halt Crosby/Proctor were in the lead with Warren/Pickering a close second.

Reg 3 started in Masham and ended just south of Catterick. James Griffiths/James Howell had the lowest score in their Mini but were later penalised due to a wrong direction at a control. Competitors were looking forward to the forthcoming action in the grounds of Catterick Army Camp. One regularity and three tests would sort out the men from the boys.

Indeed it did with most competitors struggling for grip and navigators trying to keep their drivers on the correct route through the maze of roads. The Staniforths dropped only 5 secs on the reg and Head/Appleton quickest on the tests followed by Andy Beaumont/Andrew Fish in their Sunbeam Rapier.

The two Andy’s, Beaumont and Fish.  Photo by Tony North

At the lunch halt at Leyburn, Head/Appleton were in the lead on 2.33mins followed by Crosby/Proctor on 2.45mins and Beaumont/Fish in third on 3.00. Leigh Powley/Brian Goff led the expert class in their borrowed Lancia Fulvia on 4.07mins with the Novice class headed by Graeme Cornthwaite/Lynsey Proctor on 4.46mins in their Mini.

Graham Cornthwaite and Lynsey Procter First Novice.  Photo by Tony North

The afternoon session saw the competitors back in the Catterick complex with one reg and three tests. Warren/Pickering lost time with wrong slots on the regularity and Dave Leadbetter/Cath Woodman retired their BMW 2002 with brake problems. Jon Dunning/Roger Burkhill put their Alfa Romeo off into a ditch on Test six. Again Head/Appleton were quickest from Beaumont/Fish.

Regs 6 and 7 South of Leyburn were pre plot,map features and spot heights and went ahead without incident with Head/Appleton and Crosby/Proctor taking the honours respectively.

Reg 8 was a plot and bash section over Dallow Moor with gradient arrows causing a headache to navigators. Beaumont/Fish and Kevin Haselden/Gary Evans missed the final control with many others losing time trying to find it. No problems for Crosby/Proctor who cleaned it.

The final reg finishing at the Millstones was difficult to plot using a herringbone style of navigation. The tricky white through the toll road proved a problem for many and a number of competitors run into traffic near the end including the winners. No such problem for Crosby/Proctor losing only 2 secs.

Head/Appleton took the popular win with Powley/Goff heading the expert class and Cornthwaite/Proctor taking the novice award.

As an aside from the competition, it was great to see John Abel back in the rally environment driving the course car alongside Iain Tullie, lets hope we see more of him soon.


1st  Steve Head/Mark Appleton  Ford Escort 5.09 mins

2nd Paul Crosby/Ali Proctor  Porsche 911  5.13 mins

3rd Darell Staniforth/Nicky Staniforth Mini Cooper S  5.45 mins

4th Matt Warren/Ryan Pickering  Ford Escort  5.45 mins

5th Leigh Powley/Brian Goff  Lancia Fulvia  8.22 mins

6th James Griffiths/James Howell  Mini  8.46 mins

7th Ken Binstead/Sarah Binstead  MGB  9.15 mins

8th Philip Wood/Kevin Phipps  Volvo P1800  9.41 mins

9th Graeme Cornthwaite/Lynsey Proctor  Mini  10.41 mins

10th Andy Harrison/Peter Scott Mini  11.05 mins


1st Expert  Powley/Goff

1st Novice Cornthwaite/Procter

All photos by Tony North