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Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally Preview

Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally

We are now just two weeks away from the start of the 2021 Ilkley Jubilee Rally, so its time for a quick update to let people know where we are at.

The entry list is still open, as I write this it stands at 73 confirmed entries, though not everyone has paid yet… hint hint!. One or two have had to withdraw for various reasons. We are also still looking for Marshals, so if you have time to help please contact Henry Carr on

The organising team have had something of a traumatic couple of weeks, unfortunately within a short span of time and for a variety of reasons we lost four of our venues, resulting in the potential loss of 8 test and 4 regularities!, I must admit my finger was hovering over the cancel button again, something I desperately did not want to do after the last minute shenanigans in March last year.

However with a good deal of arm twisting and a lot of creativity we have managed to pull the proverbial rabbit out of its Hat. Having lost the whole of the Catterick Ranges at one point, we have managed now to keep an area, which I’m told has not been earmarked for training, despite the military being exceptionally busy in September. This means we can offer an event which I hope you will still get a great deal of enjoyment from.

We will have 8 Tests, only 1 of which will be on an entirely sealed surface, the others will be either Gravel, broken Concrete, dead Grass or mix of all three. This may influence your Tyre choice. We are not limiting Tyres except to those permitted by the MSUK ‘blue book’ and the Law of the land of course!

There will be nine regularities, 7 of which will be on the public roads. Navigation will be the familiar formats use by HRCR championship events, we won’t be using Deelarity as mentioned in the regs, we lost the reg it would have worked on. Only one will be plot and Bash, the rest you will have ample time to plot if needed.

Despite still being affected by the limitations of Covid 19, we still expect to offer Refreshments to our usual high standards and in the case of the evening meal this is extended to Marshals too, due to the restricted time allowed in the room, the evening meal can only be one course I’m afraid, but its healthier that way, or so I’m told.

We will be offering a Training session for Novices in a room local to the scrutineering venue on the Saturday afternoon. This will be led by Ian Tullie one of the countries top navigators and now MSUK Rallies Executive. Iain I’m sure will give those who can attend an invaluable insight into what to expect, not just on the Ilkley Jubilee, but all Historic Road Rallies. Full details will be advised in the finals.

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to welcoming you all on the weekend of the 11th 12th September.

Ian Mitchell

Clerk of Course.

All photos courtesy of Tony North