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HRCR Stage Masters – Rally Nuts Stages 2018

Rally Nuts Stages 2018
Jason Gardner had a maiden victory on his first round of the West Wales Rally Spares HRCR Stage Masters Challenge.
Tom Coughtrie and Steven Ward in the Geoff Jones Motorsport Ford Escort Mk 2 would stop the clocks quicker on the first stage, with Rudi Lancaster a few more seconds behind.
Gardner admitted to having a spin on the first stages while the ex-Ari Vatanen Misubishi Galant VR4 had developed a water leak and would need nursing through the next stage before knowing that repairs were effective and a bigger push could be had in the next batch of stages.
Devonian Rudi Lancaster was basically using the event as a bit of a test session, the car developed a clutch problem in stage 3 before they retired on stage 4 with a gearbox problem.
Jeremy Wells and Martin Saunders were having-a-good and enjoyable run in the Ford Escort Mk 1, seeing as the car had been effectively laid up for six months and preparation involved turning the key – they were awarded the 5 litre can of Penrite Oil.
Ken Davies and Alan Jones were having a ‘wail’ of a time in the Volvo Amazons despite a slight brake problem which meant on the first loop they had to be extra careful after they had a slight spin and then not knowing when the brakes would could make entry speeds at some of the corners rather interesting.
They would win the draw for Hankook runners for two free tyres thanks to the kind generosity of MrTyreMotorsport from Birmingham.
Peter Lythell swapped seats for the event in the Porsche 911 – he was having an enjoyable time throwing the Porsche around – He might have been a bit low down on the order but was getting quicker with a navigator that had only done one previous event on notes and so was settling in, getting faster and improving.
Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the Volkswagen Beetle of Mark Ferreday and Jordan Joines, surely their luck must change soon as their off on Weston park was followed with damage declaration on this event which stated a roll on special stage one. But we do not not know anymore information at this time.
Jason Gardner                                   Ford Escort Mk 2
Tom Coughtrie / Baz Green              Mitsubishi Galant
Jeff Wincott                                      Ford Escort Mk 2
Jeremy Wells / Martin Saunders      Ford Escort Mk 1
Ken Davies / Alan Jones                   Volvo Amazon
Peter Lythell                                      Porsche 911
Rudi Lancaster / Guy Weaver          Ford Escort Mk 2      Gearbox SS4
Steve Ward / Mike Crawford          Ford Escort Mk 2      OTL fuel leak SS6
Mark Ferreday / Jordan Joines       Volkswagen Beetle    Rolled SS1