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HRCR Road Rally Championship – North Yorkshire Classic Rally

North Yorkshire Classic Rally

York Motor Club

The enthusiasm was evident after a 16 month layoff for the Championship with 2019 winners Darell and

Nicky Staniforth leading the cars away followed by a number of crews with enforced changes following

the Classic Marathon’s green light. At 2 Howard Wilkinson teamed up with Andy Lane, at 3 Richard

Isherwood had Pete Johnson on the maps and Ali Procter persuaded Mark Appleton to join him, many

musing how two navigators in one car would perform


The organizers puzzled a few by starting the first Reg at the ceremonial Start with a maze of roads

exiting Easingwold’s Main Square this proved no problem for  Dan Willan/Niall Frost Volvo PV544 from

Jon Dunning/Henry Carr Alfa Giulia on 8 and 9 seconds respectively. Two Tests at Eastmoor followed

won by Colin and Anji Martin Escort 1600 and John Haygarth/Bob Hargreaves Opel Kadett


Reg 2 through East Lilling and Shaw Wood  had the Staniforth’s Cooper S and Haygarth/Hargreaves tied on 3 seconds, straight into Reg 3 with a tricky speed change at Salton Willan/Frost and Ken and Sarah Binstead MGB shared the win


At the coffee halt Andy Beaumont and Sam Spencer Rapier H120 led Willan/Frost by 19 seconds with the Binsteads leading the Expert Class and Chris Haygarth and Si Gleich Toyota MR2 the Novices. A further 5 Tests followed all at Spaunton Quarry with the ever enthusiastically driven Rapier of Beaumont/Spencer taking the first four! Haygarth/Hargreaves taking the conciliation win on the last


Reg 4 was an 80 minute route over Hartoft Moor, circling Great Fryup Dale and Danby High Moor the Binsteads winning this monster by 3 seconds from Beaumont/Spencer


At lunch Beaumon/Spencer now led Procter/Appleton Peugeot 205 by 26 seconds with the Binsteads and Haygarth/Gleich holding the Class honors. Back to Spaunton Quarry for 5 more tests Beaumont/Spencer this time took all 5!


Reg 5 another mammoth this time a 55 minutes plot n bash over the Cockayne Loop and back to Helmsley, the Binsteads again were class of the field taking 3 seconds out of Willan/Frost and Procter/Appleton. The final two Regs came in quick succession the first round Boltby went to Nuala Dowie and David Taylor Triumph Spitfire and the last passing Byland Abbey was won by Gavin and Carrie Rogers Reliant Scimitar


All that remained was 3 tests at Cold Harbour and Tholthorpe the first taken by Haygarth/Hargreaves and the last two by the Staniforths

Popular winners were Ali Procter and Mark Appleton proving that 2 navigators are better than one! They were chased home by Dan Willan and Niall Frost followed by Darell and Nicky Staniforth. Roger Burkill and the York MC team deserve huge thanks for getting our Championship back up and running


results:- Procter/Appleton (205 GTi) 19.07; Willan/Frost (PV544) 19.33; Staniforth/Staniforth (1275 S) 19.41; Beaumont/Spencer (Rapier H120) 20.25; Rogers/Rogers (Scimitar) 21.25; Dunning/Carr (Alfa GTV) 21.30; Haygarth/Hargreaves (Kadett) 22.01; Steve Head/Graham Raeburn (Escort) 22.28; James Griffiths/James Howell  (Mini 1275GT) 22.51; Binstead/Binstead (MGB) 22.54

experts: Head/Raeburn Escort)  novices: C Haygarth/Gleich (MR2)