Historic Hill Climb and Sprint Championship

The HRCR are pleased to announce the Hill Climb and Sprint Championship for 2022

We are again indebted to Moran Motorhomes of Ludlow for this seasons slightly re-vamped championship for their invaluable support. Nobody more than Roger knows the sport better being the 1997 British Hill Climb Champion with son Scott winning five further championships by 2016, keeping the family tradition alive.

The Championship is designed to add another dimension to the range of events in which the HRCR members can compete in. It is open to standard road-going classics, historic and stage prepared rally cars and for those fortunate enough to own such machinery, Group B rally cars. There’s also an Open Class for those that don’t quite fit comfortably elsewhere.

The championships’ aim is to give members the opportunity to compete in a relaxed social atmosphere, but make no mistake, the competition intensifies as they take up the opportunity to compete but to then return to the social occasion in-between runs!

The championship will run under a closed-to-club permit, open to members of the HRCR with championship rounds having been chosen for their value, geographical position and variety to provide what we believe will be an enjoyable experience where ever the individual members live.

Each individual event is run by trusted and established organisers and have

been specially selected by the HRCR. In fact organisers have been anxious in inviting the club to attend.

The Series will consist of sixteen rounds, with some weekends offering double point scoring opportunities with the best eight rounds to count. The championship will run to the Motorsport UK Blue Book, Sprints and Hill Climbs regulations.

Competitors are required to wear overall’s, flame resistant gloves and a helmet, conforming to the regulations detailed in the 2022 Motorsport UK Blue Book and hold the minimum of a current Non-Race Nat B status licence.

To register simply go to the section below. For more information contact:

Chris Phillips, Championship Secretary

Tel: 07307 877750

The HRCR Speed Series is sponsored by:

Moran Motorhomes Limited

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