An all-new road rallying initiative based around the crew rather than the car. A single championship that allows you to mix cars and events.

The Premier Rally Championship is organised by the HRCR with the assistance of Daniel Pidgeon of This all-new rallying initiative from the HRCR, is a national road rally championship with a wide range of events that caters for all types of car – historic, vintage and modern.

Embraced within the championship is a scheme where points can be won in any five Targa Rally permit events, and any five three Endurance Rally permit events, as well as traditional night Road Rally and Navigational Rally permit events. The championship also includes 15 classic rounds similar to those in the HRCR Clubmans Road Rally Championship.

The championship is designed to be a National Road Rally Championship with a very wide range of style of events, in effect embracing all styles of road rallying for all the very varied types of car competing. It is not ‘car based’ with eligibility and scrutineering standards – if it fits the event that is a round of the Premier Championship, the car is eligible. It’s chiefly designed for people – not specific cars.

Approved by the MSA, the championship requires membership of the HRCR and an entry-fee of £20. Simply go to the section below to register.

For more information contact:

Seren Whyte, Championship Secretary.   Tel: 07813 510 709