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EAC 2019 Preview

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Chelmsford Motor Club’s EAC Rally will start and finish at the Grange Hotel, Bury St. Edmunds with scrutineering, as last year, at Owen Turner’s workshops. Owen himself will be sat on a boat between Helsinki and Tallinn at this time, hopefully closing in on a good result on the Peking Paris.

As I write this, the entry for the Rally is down at 37 with 7 more cars on the Run hopefully one or two more late entries will be received following the HRCR 35 event
Crews to look out for include; the 2017 winners Dave Leadbetter/Cath Woodman BMW 2002, Richard Isherwood/Ian Canavan Golf Gti and Simon Mellings/Henry Carr Toyota MR2. Ian Canavan deserves a break 2nd on the Hughes, 2nd on the 3 Castles (by one second) and 2nd on the HRCR 35 (again by one second) that’s tough!

Though the crews above will have Pete Johnson (winning nav on both the 3 Castles and HRCR 35)/Roger Bricknell Golf GTi, Martyn Taylor/Amy Henchoz Astra and Stephen Owens/Richard Lambley Porsche 356 chasing them down, other quick cars include James Griffiths Mini 1275GT and equal top test entertainer Darren Everitt Triumph 2000.

The other equal top entertainer Harvey Steele/Martin Pitt Volvo 144 should be contesting the Clubmans Class win with the Martins, Clive and Anji Escort 1600 Sport and the Binsteads, Ken and Sarah MGB

Our guest driver this week is Martin Donnelly who has never done a rally! But if you were a budding Junior driver today, what would you give for a CV like this;
1984 1st FF 2000 Trophy, 1985 3rd FF 2000 Europe, 1986 3rd F3 Britain, 1987 1st F3 Macau, 1988 3rd F 3000 Int, 1989 Arrows F1 and 1990 Lotus F1
Our own Paul Crosby was Martin’s engineer in F 3000 and he remembers
“It was a two-way thing. He said that the 88D was the best-balanced car he’d ever driven, and he was one of the easiest drivers I ever worked with, so you put those two together and you get some fantastic results,”

Have to say I’m looking forward to this one ……..come on guys let’s have a few more entries.



Martin Phaff