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Peter Ellerby Mini Cooper S – Class B2

Peter Ellerby started rallying a Mk1 Mini Cooper S in 1972 on road rallies competing on many Motoring News events with his best result being 6th overhaul on the 1975 Stocktonian Rally

He then rebuilt the car into a stage car with straight cut gears and a Limited Slip differential and had class wins on the Mintex Dales, which used Hamsterly forest events, and a few other rallies close to home.

Due to business, he had to stop in 1977, but made a brief comeback just 2-years in a Honda civic resulting in a class win on the 1980 Mintex International.

It was not until 2015 that he made a return to stage rallying after building a replica of his Cooper S and made a return after 35-years to do a couple of HRCR Rallies and in 2016 doing the full Old Stager Championship along with the tarmac rounds of the Stage Masters with the Isle of Man giving him the best result of the season.

In 2017, it’s more of the same and he cannot wait for it to start.

Results 2016

EVENT  Navigator Number Car Overall
Croft Christmas Stages Colin Tombs  50 Morris Mini  52
Grizedale Stages Rally Ian Jackson 56 Morris Mini Cooper S 41
Rally Isle of Man Historic Paul Price 139 Morris Mini Cooper 29
Carfax Stages Phillip Swanborough 29 Morris Mini Cooper S RTD


Mid-Summer Caerwent Stages Phillip Swanborough 64 Morris Mini Cooper 28
Red Dragon Phillip Swanborough 64 Morris Mini Cooper S 34
Dixies Challenge Phillip Swanborough 60 Morris Mini Cooper S 39