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Aintree – Heavy Going.

Following a great start to the season at Three Sisters the crews headed to the more familiar stamping ground of Liverpool Motor Clubs sprint at Aintree where the “going” could be described as “heavy” at best.

Even the Mersey Delta seeming to up-sticks and land slightly further east on the former Grand Prix circuit did not deter those hardy HRCR runners & riders.

Our intrepid stalwarts of Paul Boscott in the Lotus Elan and Peter Houghton in the Mini were joined by new-comer Phil Cheek in his MGB.

Whilst the going remained heavy all day the horizontal rain did reduce to a steady downpour later on with Phil coaxing his MGB to do all four timed runs on offer after the two practice and was able to reduce his initial 87.78 to a very fine 72.45 at the end. Only narrowly being beaten into 2nd place in his class by four tenths.

Peter soon realised that discretion was the better part of valour by opting to play in the shallow end and headed for a warm garage after two timed runs and recording a very creditable 68.82, although again shaving five seconds off his opening gambit.

Paul however managed to take the best part of ten seconds off his practice time coming in with a 65.04 and not only HRCR bragging rights but a class win to boot and adding that the Lotus was a “bit of a handful in these conditions”.


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