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Wyedean Winners – Challenge Goes To The Wire


Stanley Orr and Guy Weaver reignited their title ambitions after taking maximum points on the recent Wyedean Rally.

After a timing issue was sorted Shawn Rayner and Declan Dear claimed second spot meaning with dropped scores they can only improve their challenge points by 5.

It means the overall challenge win will go down to the wire around the lanes of Killarney.

Due to championship co-ordinator breaking his arm and finding it difficult to type please find below reaction after the Wyedean taken from various Facebook posts:


Stanley Orr Rallying:

This weekend saw a successful run on the Wyedean Rally for the team. This was the first time back on gravel since May on Severn Valley, and a finish was definitely a priority. After the DNF on Epynt and the huge disappointment on Isle of Man Stanley eased his way into the morning stages. With a couple of overshoots and a half spin it was taking a little bit of adjustment after running on the tarmac.

At service Fin and Dom got the car checked and ready to go, then jumped in to help Shawn Rayner change his gearbox, with Stanley supervising things. The work was completed in good time, getting Shawn & Declan back out for the afternoon stages.

Stanley was certainly back on it and found very good pace in the afternoon, and was around 3secs a mile quicker putting in some very competitive stage times very much on the pace. The Bai’s eventually finished 11th overall which was a good result against all the modern machinery. And took the win in the Stage Masters Championship scoring some valuable points.

Wyedean Rally 4
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Shawn Rayner Hehku Rally Sport Team:

Well a pretty eventful rally which seems to be the norm for us, but despite issues we came through to finish with a fairly good result, but could have been better. But we are still leading the Stage Maters Championship which is good ..

We got off to a flying start on the first 2 stages setting times good enough for 12th overall. It was extremely slippy, but also very satisfying when you got things right, with the car almost constantly sideways. On stage 3 however we hit a big problem when the gearbox gave up and we had to finish the stage stuck in 3rd gear, with a bad spin dropping a lot of time. We limped back to service, and with the help of Stanley Orr’s team we got the gearbox changed in record time.

We pushed on again in the afternoon stages and found them very enjoyable. It all came flooding back why I counted this rally so highly back in the day.

A the finish Declan had a stressful hour trying to sort out a timing issue where a start time had been incorrectly recorded, but once the check sheets came in this was sorted and so we took the category win in the Stage Masters, and finished 2nd overall to Stanley and Guy.

In the overall event we still managed 19th overall which despite all the lost time on stage 3 with the gearbox and subsequent spin was pretty good going really.

So despite some major issues we ground out a result and can pretty much say mission accomplished.

Wyedean Rally 3

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Ian Barnes:

Had a good day given how difficult the conditions were. Ian admitted backing off too much in the afternoon and definitively so on the last stage which cost him a place in the Historics letting Jeremy Wells into 11th which he admitted being annoyed about.

In the morning I beat Steve Ward on all three stages in his Mk2 which was positive but dropped too much time to him in the afternoon. He only get to do a very small number of rallies a year but closing in on the Mk2 pace.

Only his 15th rally in more than 5 years.

Wyedean Rally 2

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18 Stanley Orr Guy Weaver Ford Escort RS2000 00.43.37
25 Shawn Rayner Declan Dear Ford Escort 00.45.07
19 Terry Brown Den Golding Ford Escort RS1800 00.47.34
77 Ian Barnes Rob Gilham Ford Escort Mk1 RS2000 00.50.02
81 Gwilym Roberts Debbie Myers Ford Escort 00.50.32
17 Steve Bennett Cliff Simmons Ford Escort RS Retired
50 Andrew Stokes Adrian McNally Hillman Avenger Retired