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The 2018 Beast from the East

So Murphy in the form of the “Beast from the East” has stricken the first round of the  2018 HRCR Hagerty Insurance Clubmans Road Rally Championship, the Tour of Cheshire, forcing its postponement to later in the year.  I think the writing had been on the wall for a little while judging by the number of late amendments to the route due to the loss of a test site and various road works and closures. Like everyone else I was bitterly disappointed, but it was the correct action to take as it is “only a rally” and not something we should be taking unnecessary risks for.

Having driven over to Warwickshire and back I’m not sorry to forego the “pleasure” of marshalling. Even “rugged up” with fleece and Barbour jacket while filling up with fuel I was soon chilled to the bone, so the thought of standing outside for at least two hours, or more if manning a test, on the event is something I’m pleased I missed, and no doubt lots of other volunteers too.

I’m already in communication with Mike Harrison to find a mutually acceptable alternative date for the 2018 Tour of Cheshire and as soon as we have a suitable alternative we will let you know. Any event date change will need approval from all the registered championship contenders, there are 80 at the time of writing, before the change will be approved by the MSA, so much work to do behind the scenes yet.

Stay safe and warm.